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RCDT needs more local people to become members. The membership fee has been kept to a minimum to encourage people to join.

We hope you will join, have a voice in our long-term development and show support for the values of RCDT. All members are entitled to vote at the AGM, to stand for membership of the Board of Trustees and attend various open events/meetings.

Membership is open to individuals, local community/voluntary groups and organisations at £1 per year.

Local businesses are also encouraged to join and the fee is £10 per year.

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What is RCDT?

RCDT's Board of Trustees is made up of local people who want to see facilities and opportunities improved in the Riverside area.

RCDT is developing 20 Newburn Street as a community resource. This is used to generate an income to support the work of RCDT in the community, and to provide long-term community facilities.

RCDT was set up in April 2002 during the Lambeth Riverside Single Regeneration Budget Partnership and aims to continue for the long term benefit of the community in the Lambeth Riverside area. The Partnership work finished on 31 March 2004.


"Riverside Community Development Trust aims to maximise the investment, influence and involvement of local residents. It is an independent community managed organisation that will represent residents and community organisations equally by building capacity, offering support and enabling a common agenda in order to achieve the long-term sustainability and regeneration of the area."


Click here to read a summary of the 2004 - 2006 RCDT Development plan


Community Chest 2002 - 2004

RCDT worked with Lambeth Riverside SRB; giving Community Chest grants to local community groups and providing training. The Community Chest grants were small grants up to £5,000.

We have provided funding for arts, health, primary schools, homework clubs, the homeless and local parks.

We were able to fund:

  •  Ethelred Nursery School
  •  Ethelred Kids Club
  • Lambeth Walk Market Traders
  • Vauxhall City Farm
  • Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre
  • Vauxhall Primary School
  • Lighthouse Education Saturday School
  • Museum of Garden History
  • Hurley Pre-School
  • Gasworks
  • Alford House Club
  • Walnut Tree Walk Primary School
  • Roots & Shoots
  • Art Work/Therapy Group
  • James King Nursery
  • Lady Margaret Hall Settlement
  • The Kurdish Centre

Riverside IT

With the ending of the SRB funding the Trust has been able to continue the Riverside IT Project at 125 Lambeth Walk, firstly with funding from the Walcott Trust until the end of May. Since the beginning of June it has been in partnership with the Estate Skills Partnership of Lambeth’s Housing Department, which runs four other IT centres on estates across Lambeth. Day to day management rests with ESP. The further development, funding and publicity for the Project are a joint responsibility.

To find out more ring Riverside IT: 0207 7582 5322

20 Newburn Street Community Resource

Facilities at 20 Newburn St available to local groups are:

meeting space – click here for details

photocopying – click here for details

display space re-local events on outside of building

interview room for groups wanting to see users, hold advice, information and counselling sessions

deskspace with use of phone, and computer are currently available for rent – contact the Trust Office

Underused Assets
RCDT works with other local groups to bring underused assets into community use e.g. Kennington Cross underground toilets, Beaufoy Institute, Archbishop’s Park Park-keepers Lodge, and Lilian Baylis old school site.