RCDT’s membership is made up of local residents and workers, community and voluntary organisations, and local businesses.

The local and community organisations include:

  • Alford House Youth Club

  • Harleyford Road Garden Association

  • Hurley Pre-School

  • Lambeth Mission

  • Lighthouse Education

  • Old Lambeth Walk Development Trust

  • Oval House

  • Roots & Shoots

Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees is elected at an Annual General Meeting of members. The current Board members are active in other local organisations, as indicated in brackets. They are: 

  • Philip Moore (Kennington Garden Society)

  • Comfort Wilson (Lighthouse)

  • Brenda Fraser (Lighthouse)

  • Martin Osnegor (Lighthouse)

  • Danielle Arnaud (Lady Margaret Hall Settlement, Parabola)

  • Angela Rayner

  • Rev Angus Aagaard (St Anselm's Church)

  • Tim Boxall (Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre)

  • Jeff Jeffers (Landy Margaret Hall Settlement)

Patron: Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall

Board members may be contacted by sending an email to


Sean Creighton