Extracts from previous RCDT Weekly ENews/Events Listings: December 2006

1 December 2006

Third Sector/Employers Forum being launched. Friday 8 December 10am-12pm. Presentation/Olmec, 47-49 Durham St, SE11. African Child Association (ACA) Social Enterprise in association with Olmec, invite strategic private, public and Third Sector groups to the first consultative meeting of this new Forum. ACA explains that building effective partnerships across statutory, private and voluntary sectors to influence local policy and deliver a co-ordinated cross-regional approach to promoting training and employment and ensuring that Local Area Agreements deliver outcomes leading to the regeneration of communities, For more information and to indicate attendance please contact Abdul D. Mohammed, ACA Social Enterprise, 129 -135 Lambeth Walk London SE11 6EE. Tel: 020 7820 0666 or email: abdul@acaint.org . For more details see special section below.

Poetry at Oval Partnership AGM. Local Kennington resident poet Leon Conrad facilitated a poetry competition and mini- one-night residency at the Oval Partnership's AGM on 14 November, helping this local group make contact with people in the area through the medium of poetry. Entries were received from people across a very wide range of ages and backgrounds and spanned topics from 'ovalness' to local history. A fun evening.

Charity Commission Review of Regeneration Charities. RCDT was one of several regeneration organisations the Charity Commission had discussions with earlier this year about the challenges and opportunities facing them. The Commission has published its findings and highlights the following key issues:

  • An increasing awareness of the need to strive for a healthy mix of funding from a number of sources.
  • The challenge of securing long-term sustainability for regeneration charities.
  • The need to create sustainable regeneration projects.
  • An awareness of the responsibility to ensure that the views of all sections of the community are represented.
  • A lack of umbrella organisations for regeneration charities.

The Commission publication RS12 The Regeneration Game: the range, role and profile of regeneration charities is available on its website: www.charity-commission.gov.uk/recent_changes/renew.asp


Abdul Mohammed of ACA explains the thinking behind the proposed Forum which will meet on 7 December.

The Third Sector Employers Forum will provide a proactive Community Public Private Sector Partnership that will enhance opportunities for socio-economic development by providing more effective training and employment opportunities for local people. According to Government Office for London this can only be a positive step, as there appears to be no viable evidence of concrete partnership on the ground.

The Department for Communities and Local Government‘s recent White paper sets out the need for “strong and prosperous communities” and clearly sets out its intention to devolve more power to local government to ensure that local services respond more effectively to local communities. We now need to take action and establish a forum, which is both reflective of and responsive to local needs.

The proposed forum aims to build a cohesive resource by establishing a platform for engagement and consultation between the voluntary sector, employers in the organised private sector and statutory agencies. It further seeks :

Policy and debate

  • To consult stakeholders on matters of direct interest to them, table new initiatives and policies that provide guidance on issues of employment and training.
  • To act as a focus group for piloting new initiatives, debate current issues and contribute to development of new legislation.
  • To facilitate a better understanding of the needs of employers, employees and the unemployed in order to improve service provision in local communities.
  • To provide a forum where socio-economic opportunities can be identified
    Work Placements
  • To develop an advisory group to promote training, employment and work placements for those seeking access to employment.
  • To identify problems and challenges in training, employment and work placement with a view to minimising negative impacts.

Local Labour

  • To promote quality employment and training for the benefit of local people seeking access to employment.
  • To focus on longer-term unemployed people and increase the opportunity for local people to obtain local jobs.
  • To maximise the opportunities created by major developments in communities for local people and work closely with employers to support their recruitment process.
  • To develop the most efficient and cost effective method of matching local candidates to local jobs.
  • To provide a database of local labour and assist in the delivery of innovative ways of training and recruitment.
  • To establish a baseline of data of "Local People in Local Jobs" and “Local Jobs in Local Communities.
  • To ensure that local people gain from employment within local service organisations.

The Forum is not intended to replace or displace any existing productive links between the public and private sector and their representative bodies. Instead it seeks to supplement them by providing a less bureaucratic channel towards increased efficiency.

Note. RCDT was one of the organisations consulted by ACA on the development of the Forum idea. The economic role of the third sector – community and voluntary groups and social enterprises is not well understood. A personal note drawn up by Sean Creighton, RCDT’s worker, ‘The Community and Voluntary Sector and Economic Renewal’ based on his work over the last 5 years is available on request from info@rct.org .

Council In Line for Money for Ethelred Tower Blocks.

Lambeth Council’s bid for funding for modernising and renovating the Ethelred Tower blocks has been accepted under the London Regional Housing Pot for funding in 2007/8 has been successful. The allocated money will be £6,899,601. It is conditional on the Council providing the following information by late June 2007:
• prior to letting of any contracts, a detailed cost breakdown that confirms that the proposed cost per unit price is fundable
• written confirmation from the preferred development partner of their financial commitment to the scheme
• confirmation of which blocks, if any, are to be sold on the open market and confirm how the capital receipt will be used

The Council’s bid to demolish and redevelop Darley House by Spring Gardens, was not successful.

Local Enterprise Growth Initiative Bid 2006. Steve Reed, the Leader of Lambeth Council has written a letter commenting on what the next steps are with the Lambeth Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) bid which was turned down by the Government along with all London Borough bids. ‘We do not expect to receive detailed feedback on our bid until January next year, but we are advised that the Lambeth submission was very strong. This was in large part due to the invaluable contributions of the many stakeholders, businesses and business networks that participated in the development of the proposals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that took part in this process and contributed comments and ideas.’ The letter makes the following points:
• ‘The bid development process has resulted in the development of a strong partnership around enterprise in the borough. Now must be the time to build on and establish a new Enterprise Board under Lambeth First (the Local Strategic Partnership). This will bring together the council, its statutory partners and representatives from the business sector (including social enterprise). All the private and third sector positions on the board will be advertised widely during December and January, so please can I encourage you to apply if you are eligible and are interested in helping to influence the future direction of enterprise development in Lambeth.’
• ‘I think you will agree that the LEGI bid has also provided a clear and current analysis of the issues affecting businesses and business growth in the borough as well as a review of best practice in enterprise support and a strong set of proposals for public and private sector intervention. We now intend to develop the bid into Lambeth’s first full Enterprise Strategy, to be owned and led by the Lambeth First Enterprise Board. ‘
• ‘The new Board will help shape the development of an annual enterprise action plan for the borough, prioritising key interventions and making most effective use of partnership working and the public and private sector resources available. The Board will agree and communicate its priorities and further strengthen future bids, not only for LEGI but for wider investment opportunities that we will be actively pursuing, and to support the essential and sustainable growth of the business community in Lambeth.’
• ‘Continued close working with the London Development Agency will be particularly critical to our success in this endeavour.’
• ‘We will of course be considering the submission of a round 3 LEGI bid with the Enterprise Board, once established.’
• ‘Meanwhile, for the rest of this financial year, we and our partners will continue to implement the LEGI Action Plan 2006/07. As you may recall, this was developed in January 2006 in response to the many issues raised during the business and stakeholder engagement process for LEGI. It was designed for implementation alongside the bid development process.’
• ‘The Action Plan has included the successful development of the Lambeth Venue Guide, a new guide to council services for businesses, and the recent and very well attended Lambeth Hair Fashion and Beauty event in Brixton.’
• ‘Activity between now and March 2007 will include development of the Lambeth Business Support Network, and a focus on public sector procurement supported by the recent signing by the council of the ‘Small Business Friendly Concordat’ and Lambeth’s first ‘Meet the Public Sector Buyer’ event in February 2007.’
• ‘This is a major opportunity for us all to reverse the years of detachment from our business community, to put business leaders at the forefront of regeneration, to celebrate our business diversity and to make a step change in our partnership with you as stakeholders.’

Note. It is clear that some creative new thinking and closer working with community and voluntary groups is crucial to developing an effective economic development action. This may be reinforced by the regeneration revamp explained in the next story.

Council Regeneration Revamp. A new approach to regeneration in the borough was agreed on Monday 27 November by the Council’s Cabinet. Work will focus on tackling the roots of crime and inequality – poverty, poor housing, and unemployment – by joining up with key partners to deliver physical improvements. In a press statement the Council says that it
* ‘will be working closely with other organisations, such as the police, Transport for London, local health services and community groups, to bring the benefits of regeneration to local people.’
* ‘In order to achieve these aims a new department has been created which brings together housing, planning, adult learning and physical and economic regeneration. A regeneration delivery plan is also being drawn up which will outline a timetable of projects across the borough. In the meantime existing work will continue.’

The report is available in the Public Reports pack on the Cabinet section of the Lambeth Council website: www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/mgChooseDocPack.asp?ID=396&J=2. The report is full of Council jargon and will take a long time to work through to understand.
Lambeth and the Olympic Games. The Council’s Environment & Community Safety Scutiony Sub-committee meeting on Thursday 7 December will be considering a paper how how Lit can use the Olympic Games in 2012 to help boost sprots activity in the Borough. See www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/Published/C00000111/M00000326/$$ADocPackPublic.pdf

Lambeth First Assembly Meeting Thursday 30 November. 6.30 - 8pm. This meeting is open to the public. Attendance must be confirmed with Naomi Mwale nmwale@lambeth.gov.uk  or telephone 020 7926 2703.

Ward Census Maps and Data. If you want to know more about the Census data analysis in Bishop’s, Oval and Prince’s Wards then have a look at the Lambeth First website: keeping trawling through the list of documents to find the relevant ones. www.lambethfirst.org.uk/listResources.cfm

Local Area Agreement. Details can be seen on www.lambethfirst.org.uk/displayResource.cfm?ResourceID=8659 . And the full draft document submitted to the Government Office for London on 30 September is on Lambeth Voluntary Action’s website: www.lambethvac.org.uk/s-VAC_News

Lambeth Mediation AGM. Thursday December 7, 6.15-10.30pm - Benn Library of the Stockwell YMCA, 40 Stockwell Road. Keynote speaker will be Natalie Pace, Policy Advisor at The Housing Corporation. Natalie will be presenting on the RESPECT Agenda, Anti-social Behaviour and the Role of Mediation. The meeting gives supporters the opportunity to hear about the work that Lambeth Mediation Service has done throughout the year and meet with representatives of other charities and community organisations. The meeting will be followed by a buffet and drinks. Please RSVP to admin@lambethmediationservice.org.uk  or call DM John on 0208 678 6046.

8 December 2006

Extended Schools Co-ordination Meeting. 12-4pm, Lilian Baylis Library, Lilian Baylis Technology School, 232 Kennington Lane. This half-day workshop will provide an opportunity for schools, statutory agencies, and voluntary sector partners to work together and contribute to the further development of extended services in and around schools in the locality. The workshop will be facilitated by Catherine Kane, the Extended Services Area Co-ordinator for North Lambeth. and a colleague. The aim of the event is to share priorities, identify key opportunities and partnerships to develop these priorities, and contribute to service development and delivery of outcomes through collaborative working.

12-12.30pm Networking and buffet Lunch
1.230-1pm Welcome and Introductions
1-1.15pm Local Authority Perspective
1.15-1.25pm North Lambeth Perspective
1.25-1.45pm Case Studies of Extended Services
1.45-2.35pm Identification of Priorities
2.35-2.55pm Coffee
2.55-3.45pm Identify opportunities to meet priorities
3.45-4pm WWW/EBI

Catherine Kane, Extended Services Area Co-ordinator – North Lambeth, Children and Young People’s Service, 1st Floor, 205 Stockwell Road, Brixton SW9 9SL. Direct Line: 020 7926 2268. Email: ckane@lambeth.gov.uk

Third Sector Employers Forum.

A consultative meeting to discuss whether there would be value in setting up a Third Sector/Employers Forum was held this morning organised by African Child Association (based at Lambeth Walk) with the support of Olmec, the training arm of Presentation Housing Association and held at their building at 476-49 Durham St in Vauxhall. Among those attending with Kate Hoey, MP, local activist Ricky Rennalls, Alison Muir (Ethelred TMO), Family Mosaic (formerly Family Housing Association) which has a large number of properties in Lambeth inc. in Kennington & Vauxhall, Clare of Waterloo Community Regeneration Trust, and Sean of RCDT. There was a general welcome for the initiative and discussion identified a number of issues for further discussion, including the issue of whether the Forum should cover the whole of Lambeth or just North Lambeth, the need to gather information about what was happening in employment field to avoid duplication and overlap, mechanisms for sharing information, working with the Council on ensuring contractors recruit local workers, and post training support for those with qualifications who have difficulty getting into work. A small group will examine the issues in detail as part of the next steps towards the development of a Forum.


Concerns about planning developments continue to exercise a range of local activists and organisations. Vauxhall Society continues to keep a watching brief as the civic amenity society. Kennington Association is setting up a planning group among its members. Kennington. Oval & Vauxhall Forum has decided to set up a planning group. This listing now contains details of local planning applications for the Kennington, Oval & Vauxhall area. Last month RCDT had organised a planning training event, but had to cancel it at the last moment. The event is now scheduled for Saturday 3 February: Maximising Community Benefit from Planning Developments. One day training, networking and awareness session for individuals and groups within the Kennington, Vauxhall and Waterloo areas. Full details of the event are set out at the end of this listing. To book a place copy the form and paste it into an email to info@rcdt.org .

Blackness & the Dreaming Soul. Book by Cy Grant. Lambeth Council is hosting publication launch: 3pm Sat 16 Dec 2006, Lambeth Library, 234-235 Stockwell Road. Written without bitterness and recrimination, Blackness & the Dreaming Soul is neither pure biography nor philosophical manifesto, but grows out of the author’s childhood as the great grandson of a slave in British Guiana. The book chronicles his career during a long sojourn in Britain, starting as a World War II RAF Officer and two years spent as a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany, through qualifying as a barrister at law, to a career in show business spanning stage, film, concert, cabaret, radio and TV. In the late fifties, Cy Grant’s was the first black face to appear regularly on the small screen, singing the news in calypso. Published by Shoving Leopard 2006. ISBN: 978 1 905565 08 5 £14.99.

Local Area Agreement. Lambeth First has had good feedback from attendees at its recent seminar on the key issues and people’s perceptions on service planning and the LAA. It has had many requests for information. Copies of presentations and feedback from the seminar break out groups are available from Claire Drummond, Local Area Agreement Programme Manager: cdrummond@lambeth.gov.uk .

15 December 2006

Drones Jazz Jam. Tim Clark (organiser of the Jazz Jam sessions at the Pilgrim Pub) writes: Another good night last week - the sound was good, the atmosphere particularly relaxed and friendly - and more good music. Thanks to those of you who came and warmed up the chilly November evening. More of the same this week, hopefully with some new (or old faces). There's plenty of room for you - horns, pianists, strummers and drummers, herald angels,
percussionists, cowbell tinklers, even bass players (we'll try anything once)... anyone who can play a bit and wants to try ... let's be having you! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves - please feel free to tell me if you are, OR if there's anything that could be improved - I like hearing from
you. If you haven't been down yet, do come, we have lots of fun. Either to play, listen, or just drink and soak up the ambience. The more the merrier. Let's have a really good run up to Christmas. ...looking forward to seeing you all this Tuesday evening at London's
friendliest jam, in one of London's friendliest pubs. Note: for further details see Regular Events Section below. Please note change in start time from 8 to 8.15pm.

Goodbye to Wilma Roest. Belated best wishes to Rev Wilma Roest of St Peter’s who has moved to a new post in Balham. She made an enormous contribution to keeping St Peter’s open and developing it as a music/arts venue.


Sarah O’Connell writes: Details of the appeal by developers of Lambeth's refusal of the Founders Place Planning application to the north of Archbishops Park have been announced. Public comments either supporting the appeal by the developers or supporting Lambeth's refusal need to be with the Planning Inspectors by 4 January 2007.

This application by the St Thomas' and Guys Charity was for eight new buildings containing 641 new flats, 231 for "key workers", a new health facility, a Ronald McDonald House to house the families of sick children and a staff nursery. The existing staff accommodation (Canturbury and Stangate Houses) and the Holy Trinity Buddhist Centre to the north of Archbishops Park and the buildings on the corner of Royal Street and Lambeth Palace Road would be demolished.

All the land to the south of Royal Street to Archbishops Park is a conservation area designed to protect the setting of the park. The trees within this area, and the two buildings are therefore protected.

Lambeth have rejected the application on two grounds. One essentially is bulk: "the proposed buildings ...would by way of their height length and proximity result in an oppressive and overbearing development, thereby failing to provide an acceptable level of amenity for prospective residential developers."

The second is Conservation and that fact that "the buildings by way of their height, length and proximity to the boundary with Archbishops Park, harm the setting of the Park thereby failing to preserve the character and appearance of the Lambeth Palace Conservation Area."

There is an awful lot of detail and several boxes of papers. However in summary there are two areas of concern. First the demolition of the Holy Trinity Centre. And second the proximity of the buildings, with south facing windows, to the avenue of 14 mature plane trees in Archbishops Park. Local residents are working with Planning Aid for London to get expert advice on the impact changes in micro-climate will have on the long term sustainability of the trees. But there is also concern that new residents will lobby for pruning and felling of the trees to improve their light and views.

If you want to express your views to the Planning Inspectorate, whether to support the development or to support the Lambeth refusal, you should write to:

The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/19, Eagle Wing, Temple Quay
House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN. in triplicate quoting reference numbers APP/N5660/A/06/2029887 and APP/N5660/E/06/2029891

Comments must be received by 4 January 2007

You should give your name and address and if you wish, email or phone. Details will be made public.

Alternatively comments can be made by email via the Planning Portal www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs

Responses can be quite simple, saying what the extra facilities might bring, or why you want the Holy Trinity Centre to stay, or why the trees in the park are important.

Questions might also be asked about the S106 money and why it has been ear-marked inter alia for improvements to the Lambeth Palace entrance and a football pitch and a games court rather than the cafe (using the old toilet block or lodge) that was the clear community priority during consultation.

We are told that it helps the inspector if he does get a good range of opinions from local people.

Details of the original application and refusal can be found on the Lambeth website reference was 05/01168/FUL/DC_PBR/37305. They also have further information about the appeals process. Alternatively you can visit Lambeth Planning's offices at Vauxhall Cross. The case officer is Paul Robinson on 020 7926 1219.

If you have further questions do contact us: member@fergalh.fsnet.co.uk

Extended Schools Programme.

Catherine Kane, the North Lambeth Extended Schools Co-ordinator writes: I am the North Lambeth Extended Services Area Co-ordinator. My role is to work with primary and secondary schools in North Lambeth and identify how to support schools to provide a full core offer which is provision of wrap-around childcare from 8am - 6pm, providing parent support, varied menu of activities, swift and easy referral and community access. If your organisation wants to work more closely with schools, please contact me via email ckane@lambeth.gov.uk  or phone me: 020 7926 2268. Mobile: 07852 334062. Catherine Kane, Extended Services Area Co-ordinator - North Lambeth, Children & Young People's Services (CYPS), 1st Floor, 205 Stockwell Road, Brixton SW9 9SL. Local schools taking part in the first phase of the extended schools programme are: Archbishop Sumner, Henry Fawcett, Vauxhall, and Lilian Baylis. Further information is set out in the Extended Schools section below.

Council and CRP ‘Consult’ on Trams Through Area.

Lambeth Council and Cross River Partnership are jointly consulting on the proposed tramway which will run from Waterloo to the Oval and then to Brixton. Between Waterloo and Oval there are two route options for consultation.

Option 1 is for a route via Elephant and Castle using Kennington Park Road.
Option 2 is via Lambeth North and Kennington Road.
Exhibitions are being held on the following dates in Lambeth where residents can learn more, and pick up a questionnaire:

November 24, 2pm-7pm and November 25, 10am-4pm, National Theatre, Cottesloe Square
December 8, 2pm-7pm and December 9, 10am-4pm, Tate Gardens, Brixton.

For further details see:

See also the disucssion in the minutes of :
the North Lambeth Area Committee meeting held on 12 October:
the Council’s Transport Partnership Forum meeting held on 8 November. Jim Nicolson of Vauxhall Society was the only KOV area person at the meeting. Waterloo Community Development Group ()WCDG) was also represented, and Councillor Andrew Sawdon (Oval Ward) attended.
Go to www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/uuCoverPage.asp?bcr=1 and following through for the Committee and the Forum

Lambeth Enterprise Board Seeks Business Representatives.

Lambeth First is seeking business representatives for its new forming Enterprise Board. The closing date for applications is the 24th January 2007. If you know of anyone who might be interested they can get full details from: Matthew Mckeague, Regeneration Projects Officer, London Borough of Lambeth. T - 0207 926 2764; F - 0207 926 2049. Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LL.MMckeague@lambeth.gov.uk 

Archbishop Sumner Choir at St Thomas’ Hospital. The choir were invited to sing in the Chapel of St Thomas’ for ‘World Aids day’. The buses were late and there was a different agenda to the one we expected but all 30 of the children rose to the occasion. They had to sit facing the congregation so they were really on show! And were we proud of them. I’m sure they brought joy to all patients and staff present. Much of the music they sang in two parts and it is anticipated that they will be singing in four parts by the end of the year. Not bad for primary school children!! – Adapted from the School Newsletter

James and the Giant Peach. The Archbishop Sumner School After School Care, School Friend performed this magical tale by Roald Dahl, on Friday 1 December. A professional actor came in weekly over the half term. It was excellent using the talents of all age groups, with the little ones as sharks and the older ones taking the speaking parts. A little bit of magic! – Adapted from the School newsletter

Lambeth Endowed Annual Party On Tuesday 5 December the Archbishop Sumner School choir was invited to sing at the annual Christmas gathering of the Lambeth Endowed Charities (which has funded the Gifted and Talented Maths Classes for all Lambeth schools during the Spring term). They have a wonderfully varied repertoire and sang for over an hour. Their behaviour was absolutely excellent and their voices, like those of angels. Afterwards they were given refreshments and had a short party! (They deserved it!!) – Adapted from the School Newsletter

Friends of Durning Library Party. On Monday 4 December the Archbishop Sumner Steel Pans were taken down to the Durning Library where the children entertained a local group of people and explained the origins of steel pan music. They were very well received and were congratulated for the wonderful manners and behaviour. – Adapted from the School Newsletter


The following is from a Lambeth Council explanatory note. The programme sits within the Children and Young Persons Service of the Council (CYPS).

Extended Services Core Offer (demand led):
a) Wrap around child-care 8am-6pm
b) Varied menu of activities
c) Parental support
d) Referral to specialist services
e) Community access

These outcomes reflect Government policy changes outlined in the Green Paper: Every Child Matters and in the Children Act 2004. This legislation has resulted in the need to re-organise how children’s services are currently delivered locally. School improvement, social inclusion, and community learning remain priorities in achieving improved outcomes for children and young people. The Service will continue to support schools to raise standards of achievement and to include the most vulnerable pupils. Extending schools and services has a key role to play in contributing to and sustaining this continued improvement.

The CYPSP’s key priorities as stated are based on an analysis, which identified the following needs for children and young people. Our priorities for action will address these needs.
Be healthy
• Better support for children and their families
• More access to physical activity
• Clearer advice about sex, relationships and pregnancy

Stay safe
• Earlier support for their families through access to preventative services
• Better public realm and play facilities
• Protection from neglect and abuse
• Safer communities for children and young people

Enjoy and achieve
• Sustained focus on improving educational achievement and narrowing the achievement gap
• Access to more local school places
• Targeted support for those with learning needs
• Specialist help if they are Looked after

Make a positive contribution
• More opportunities to express their views
• Excellent and diverse early years provision
• Arts, sports and cultural services that are more accessible to children
• Decision making needs to seek and reflect children’s and young peoples advice

Economic well being
• Better career advice
• More access to child care and training
• Young people require additional routes to employment when they leave school

The authority is prioritising activity to address the above needs which impact on the most vulnerable children and young people and their families – young families living in poverty, disaffected young people who are in danger of youth offending, pupils out of school, Looked-after Children (LAC), young mothers, and those with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD).

For schools: build relationships rather than individual base, capacity building for all and making a difference locally.
In terms of building relationships this means focusing on relationships rather than individual students thereby looking at families and multi-agencies who also engage with children/families.
Capacity building for all means staff and students as well as enabling multi-partnership working with other service providers who will provide services in/around school setting.
Making a difference locally: challenge for headteacher to move from strategic decision process grounded in what’s best for school context to a wider context incorporating models of decision making which impact on the greater community – thus involving with other decision making structures/bodies.
Losing control and unwilling to change approach to school service delivery
Stress of change.
Create sustainability of services
Ethos of extended schooling:
Develop and influence networks with greater community decision making structures
Look at the needs of all relevant professional and community groups in the area.

Changing approach to governance in that schools have to learn to support local innovation and take a lead nationally. At local level, the nature of collaboration is shifting towards joint working methods that support capacity as well as build and depend on the capacity of other organisations. From resource sharing to informal networks; extended schools are learning to embed this ethos locally and share the risks it implies. Decision making therefore becomes organic and more informal. So building collaborations with other headteachers, local authorities, JobCentres, health services, VCS.

Full background on the Extended Schools Initiative can be seen on the website of the Training and Development Agency for Schools: