RCDT is involved in dialogue on local community and planning issues.


Beaufoy Institute & Lilian Baylis – see separate web page.

Community Plan

Working with Lady Margaret Hall Settlement, Kennington, Oval & Vauxhall Forum and Kennington Association, RCDT developed the idea of a community plan. The first stage was to organise a meeting on 28 June 2006 ‘Shaping Our Future’ to enable local people to put their views to the newly elected Councillors for Bishop’s, Oval and Prince’s Wards. The following documents relating to the Community Plan and the Public Meeting can be accessed through the links in the right hand column: ‘Priorities’ note prepared by RCDT, ‘Shaping Our Future’, Report of the 28 June meeting prepared by RCDT and ‘Community Plan’ discussion notes.


The area has been faced by many development and planning challenges. RCDT organised with the help of Planning Aid for London and Waterloo Community Development Group, ‘maximising community benefit from planning developments’, a one day training, networking and awareness session for individuals and groups within the Kennington, Vauxhall and Waterloo areas, on 3 February 2007. The following documents can be accessed through the links in the right hand column: planning event flier and ‘Planning Issues in Kennington & Vauxhall Background note’. A report on the event is being finalised.

Young People in Our Area

Concerns about what was happening with some young people in the area led Tim Saunders (Alford House) and Sean Creighton (RCDT) to prepare a discussion paper which was made available at the 28 June ‘Shaping Our Future’ public meeting. It can be accessed through the separate webpage on the left hand column.

Neighbourhood Renewal

Between April 2005 and March 2006 Lambeth First funded Lambeth Council to employ Octavia Findley, as Neighbourhood Renewal Co-ordinator for Prince’s Ward. RCDT worked closely with her. e.g. running briefing sessions, organising a business breakfast and setting up OneLondon business advice sessions between January and March 2006 in RCDT’s Community Resource Centre. For the briefing sessions RCDT produced a Neighbourhood Renewal background note accessible through the link in the right hand column.

Kennington, Oval & Vauxhall Forum

RCDT is a member of the Kennington, Oval & Vauxhall Forum, which enables local organisations, businesses and residents to receive up-date reports on what is happening, to discuss matters of mutual concern and to feed concerns into the Council and particularly its North Lambeth Area Committee.

Community Assets and Buildings

In February 2006 RCDT’s worker Sean Creighton gave a talk to KOV Forum on Community Assets and Buildings, accessible through the link in the right hand column.

Local Area Agreement (LAA)

From April 2007 the relationship between Central Government,. Lambeth First, Lambeth Council and the Lambeth community and voluntary sector is shaped by the Lambeth Local Area Agreement. For details of the Agreement see Lambeth First’s website: www.lambethfirst.org.uk . RCDT’s worker, Sean Creighton, gave a personal perspective on the sector and Agreements meeting at a Lambeth Community Empowerment Network event in December 2005. This is accessible through the link in the right hand column.