RCDT has been receiving a number of requests about whether there is going to be a Festival this July. As co-ordinator of the 2005 and 2006 Lambeth Riverside Festivals RCDT has not been in a financial or staffing situation to undertake co-ordination for one this year. As this weekly bulletin, which started in the 2005 Festival has shown that there is a wealth of activities in the area throughout the year. Local organisations have found organising extra events for the Festival a strain given everything else they are doing. While there will be no Festival there will be an opportunity to help support the 30th Anniversary events of Vauxhall City Farm (to be announced). Individual organisations planning an event in July may want to invite others to take part – so RCDT will be happy to help make links between groups. Given the money allocated in the RCDT Community Chest for activities organised collectively by the Health & Fitness Network  the Local History/Heritage Forum and the Leftbank Artists network, it is possible that one off events could be organised for July and August, the latter particularly aimed for families and others who do not get away on holiday. The review of the 2006 Festival will shortly be posted on the RCDT website.